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Dongguan Zhuoding Machinery Equipment Technology Co., Ltd
Address: Building 2, No. 9B, Qinghu Road, Qinghutou Community, Tangxia Town, Dongguan City

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     Dongguan Zhuoding Machinery Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. is the modernized Hi-tech enterprise with international competitiveness, which specialized in design,development, manufacturing, installation and sales of surface finishing and automatic equipment. The headquarters is located inHong Kong, and the main manufacturing factory is at Tangxia town, Dongguan city. About 2,000 square meters factory and 200staff. The production equipments provide total solution of industry automatic including: automation equipment/auto-industrialcoating/energy mechanical equipment/ oxide and polishing system/ED system/RTO equipment, industrial Robots. With therapid development of modern economic science and technology, we are focus on the introduction of advanced automationtechnology. By well-known enterprises on the market, to carry faword non-standard industry as its mission, development andproduction of high technology and high performance coating equipment as the goal, adhere to the market and customer demandas the guidance. Based on the construction of excellent employees, innovation and development business philosophy in goodfaith harmony, Zhuo Ding wish with all customer , partner,colleagues to create excellence enterprises and create excellentbusiness.