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Technical requirements for paint booths when painting vehicles

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    When painting a vehicle, the most used one is the use of the paint booth. There are many black hat SEO technical requirements in the paint booth.

    At present, the repair and painting of the paint on the surface of the car body by various automobile repairing units in China is mostly carried out by bicycle. In order to ensure the quality of the paint on the surface of the car body, it is generally used in automotive paint booths and other equipment. The paint lacquering room is produced by different manufacturers. It can be divided into three types: large, medium and small. The large spray booth can be used for large passenger cars. The medium spray booth can be used for medium-sized buses, vans, commercial vehicles, etc. The room is suitable for small cars. If there is no small spray booth in the garage, this time the medium and large models can also be used.

    Spray paint room, regardless of its size and specifications, can be divided into two types; it can be roughly divided into two types: electric heating and diesel heating. Generally, electric heating is convenient, but the price is higher. To increase capacity, the cost of a smaller garage is too high. The second is the diesel heating method; some diesel heating methods use imported burners, the thermal efficiency is relatively high, and the speed is fast, but the use should pay great attention to safety and make certain safety measures. In any case, no matter which type is used, it is necessary to preheat the paint booth before use. The paint room has a certain temperature before it can work. If you work on several cars in a row, you can save money. So we often work several cars at a time. It is easy to not use the paint booth.

    Spray paint room also has requirements for air purification rate. Therefore, air filter materials should be used. Generally, high-efficiency non-woven filter cloth is used. After using for a period of time, it is necessary to replace it with new ones.

    There are specifications and standards for the lighting and baking equipment in the paint booth. The light in the spray booth should be bright and soft. Only the light is bright enough to see the surface of the vehicle, so as to ensure the quality of the paint spray, and the temperature required for the baking equipment of the paint booth. Constant, so that it can be evenly sprayed when baking paint. Most of the paint booths use electronic control system, mainly for program control, so that the paint baking process can be controlled by application, to ensure the equipment is convenient to use, stable and reliable, and the standard of the process; Manual control can not achieve the set process standard and process control, and it is easy to have errors. The final guarantee is that the car will achieve satisfactory results in the paint repair process.

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