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What is the purpose of automotive spray coating?

release time:2018-07-26 10:08:33  views:

1. Protection

From the main point of view, 90% of the cars used in the manufacture of automobiles are made of steel. If you do not paint the car, you can imagine it. The life of a car is greatly discounted, so it is necessary to paint the car. The coating film can protect the car from corrosion, and the effect of the coating of the new material on the market is increasing, such as high scratch resistance, elasticity, and pollution resistance.

2, aesthetic effect

From the beautiful appearance of the paint film, the gorgeous softness and variety of the beauty, we catch up with the trend. From the single color to the present in the 1950s. Car paint from the plain paint - metal paint - pearl paint also has a different perspective to improve, so as to enhance the car's aesthetic, aesthetic appearance to give people a sense of beauty.

3. Value role

With the birth of the car, human beings continue to demand values for the color of the car, including different paint varieties, and there has also been a major improvement in the coating process technology. For example, go to the 4S station to buy a car. The same type of paint has different price changes. Generally, metal paint and pearl paint are 1000~3000 yuan higher than plain paint, depending on the brand value of the car.

4, identification

Broadly speaking, everything has a distinction, and the color of the car body is different for different purposes. Including international use of color to distinguish things. Listed as military vehicles, engineering vehicles, fire engines, etc.

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